Koxx frame with a kh seatpost to small?

When I put my kh alu seatpost in my white widow there is like an extra 1-2mm around the seatpost. Is this normal?

The steel koxx frames need a shim to take 27.2 posts, are you using one?

Yeah a steel frame and a 27.2post so yeah I will need a shim.

It should have already had a shim in it because the tryall seat posts are 27.2 also.

It didn’t when I got it from renegade a while ago (monthish or more). I just got the frame so I don’t know…

he must have forgotten to include it. I think all koxx frames come with this shim. For the time being, get some inner tube or some sheet metal (inner tube is easier to grab quickly) and wrap it around the seatpost. That’ll do you till you get a real shim :slight_smile:

Yeah they are supposed to come with one. Just email renegade and they’ll straighten it out for you

Or get one from your LBS