I am interested in purchasing a Koxx unicycle but I am not sure which one is the best all around, particularly flat, street, and trials. And if anyone has one up for sale I would also be interested.

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You should’ve post that in the Trading post, But if I was you, I would look for a KH20. It’s very light and if you want to do flat, you just have to put some Rollo disks on. It is very good for trial and street too.

+1 to that. I liked my rollos but I sold them to a mate.

Where are you located?

I recently accomplished 3 new things, 1 in each category like something in street something in trials and something in flat. And I did it all the the K1 Flight Yellow. I did a grind with the k1, that when very well. I did a rolling wrap, no rollo discs needed I don’t think there necessary at all I guess they just help a little. And I also did a rail ride. I think you would be fine with either the KH 20 or the K1 Flight.

^^^^ nice lol

I guess it really personal prefence to be honest.

I also achived something to day but it was on a Nimbus :smiley: it was doing a good SIF jump up onto something about 2 feet high :smiley: (I’m only starting to do SIF so I still kinda suck at it:D) and I landed my first grind