koxx devil or ornge bud frame?

Hey I am looking to get the koxx devil or orange bud frame for trials/street so I wanted to know which was better… Also which was stronger… Also what the clearance is on both…

they’re the exact same frame, just a different color. so just go with the color you like best.

Also no different to this frame from municycle.com in germany apart from the price that is

I though that for a second, but wanted to make doubly sure so thanks…

I, but thanks…

There’s different between what seatpost you can use. K1 frames are for 27.2 mm seatposts and this one is for 25.4 mm seatposts. 27.2 mm seatposts are usually more durable than 25.4 mm seatposts.

unless they are aluminum.


Peter M


same thing right?

Sort of. The yuni, nimbus, bedford and koxx frames are all the same basic design but they are all a little different. The koxx frames are super beefy at the crown and the seat tube is somewhere around 31.8 or something then its shimmed to 27.2. The nimbus 2 that you linked to takes a 25.4 post.

I think the legs on the orange bud are slightly shorter so there is less clearance. I am not completely sure but the orange buds look like they have almost no tire clearance and Cody’s blue berry frame does.

Yes, due this we often have the problem that the tire reaches the frame and the wheel cant turn. But if there is a little clearance it is nice for street.

so the nimbus frame is going to be lighter and just as breakable (noone has broken this design right?)?

Cody’s broke…I think it was more from rust though. I found a crack on the crown and we went to the skatepark and he broke it the rest of the way. It was a yuni/nimbus I dont know which.

Thanks everyone just wanted to ask if anybody has an orange bud/ devil to post the clearance or happen to know what it is if they could post it… I looked a little and found nothing…

well my uni with red devil frame has about 7mm clearance all round a luna tyre… plenty of room for buckles

Buckles like the tire getting caught?

i think it was more from Cody…

thats a Yuni

Yeah, I think it is actually a yuni though. I am not sure, they are basically the same thing though.
When it broke the whole inside was full of rust so that is probably what made the crack in the first place.