Koxx devil insturctions

i just bought a white widow off ebay,
practiccally new condition,
the only thing its missing is any kind of instructions,
and i know its obvious how to put it togather and all that,
but my dad is the kind of guy that wants to read the instructions before opening the box!
so please, if anyone has bought a white widow, or any koxx devil unicycle and has the instructions,
pleaseeee, would you scan them into your pc?

also, on the inside of the box, was a small bottle of somthing,
does anybody know what that is?

please get back to me A.S.A.P, this is my birthday present!!!

Sorry, but I don’t think they came with instructions. My best friends Koxx One Track monster certainly didn’t.
If you have already had a Unicycle, then it will go together the same way.

A kris holm Unicycle will go together the same way as a Koxx one. Heres the instructions for a KH.
I hope this satisfies you parents, and I hope you enjoy the Uni!

this is what koxx sent me

LMAO! i didn’t think it came with any instructions!
i know how it goes togather,
the bottle is about 2cm tall, and black liquid, could it be oil for the bearings or somthing?

thanks for your replies!

here’s the manual that comes with all torker unicycles:

Though your uni is not a torker, it still tells how to assemble a unicycle.

Just print it up and show it to your dad.

thanks, but i still dunno what the stuff in the bottle is :frowning:

It could be anything from loctite to oil.

There is obviously a huge difference between the two.

It’s liquid candy.

Why don’t you contact Koxx and ask them what might be in the bottle.


koxx-one unicycles (as far as i know) do not come with instructions. (probably because they assume that if someone is putting that much money into a uni they know how to put it together :slight_smile:

the little bottle may well be touch up paint or paint gloss

yep, it tu7rned out to be touch up paint, im thinking of putting fork protectors on the frame of my unicycle… has anyone tried this?