Koxx devil frame on a dx wheel set...

Well I am thinking of getting a koxx devil frame for my dx and I wanted to know what the clearance would be with it…

You’ll be fine.

You might need shims on the bearings though, I’m not sure how the Koxx frames are designed.

I figured that and thanks… I wanted to know if you knew what the clearance would be or a general number… I know it will be little which is great!my dx frame has a ton…

its going to be the same as a Koxx 42mm wide rim in the same frame. DUH

the DX frames have TOO much clearance, for no reason.

k I am new to all this… Yeah the dx frames have way to much that is why I want to upgrade…

I should chop mine down so it has less clearance, like cut it at the bearing clamps and shorten the legs, re-weld.

Maybe I could learn wheel walks easier, I always seem to hit my shoes off the frame.

actually, that helped me with wheel walking a lot, it slowed my feet down to a reasonable pace to attempt to wheelwalk at. I wheelwalk extremely fast comparatively.
don’t cut it there. it would be better to cut it by the top and re weld it.
think thats all I had to say.
i thought the same thing, then I got a KH

you might well be fine with the bearings as the type of bearing clamps that the koxx use can be over tightened onto the bearings hence can (possibly) work with 40MM bearings… haven’t tried it myself though so don’t quote me

The DX has 40 mm bearings and as skrobo said the Koxx has 42. So you’ll need a 1 mm spacer.

Strips of an aluminum can should work fine, or scraps from a machine shop.

if tightened right the koxx devil frame should have no problem fitting on 40mm bearings.

Skrobo was talking about rim width being 42mm for tire clearance.

But yes, Koxx-Ones are 42mm OD bearings.

The bearings clamps aren’t machined on the Devil frame, now that I looked on the Koxx-One site. So you might not even need shims.

Though I have no clue why Skrobo said 42mm wide rim…

Thanks for the help everybody.