Koxx dealers in Germany...

Hi, I’m sorry I don’t speak Germany (except for ‘Guten tag’ but hey…!) but I was wondering if someone on this section of the forum knew who the dealers are of Koxx in Germany?

I ask because I’d like to see if they still carry a certain old biketrials frame from Koxx, as everywhere else in the world seems to be out of stock. I know Roland@Municycle.com used to stock Koxx uni gear but I doubt he has any bike frames, and seems not to deal with Koxx anymore?

Maybe the main distributor or some smaller stores! If you know any, please post in this topic!

and Happy New Year y’all!


Do you really want a frame for a bike or do you want one for a unicycle?
If you really want a bikeframe you should try it in a biker’s forum.

Hi Sponge,

ask Jan from http://biketrial.de