Koxx Days

Could someone please explain to me what koxx days is?
is it a convention?
is it worth it
what is the standard of competition like?


Lucas Wintercrane

It’s a bike trials competition and since Koxx One has been created, it is also a uni trials competition. The best bike trialists will be there.
It is on rocks, so it is quite hard (I wasn’t abble to do any zone last year but I’m not a good trialist at all)
The best french uni trialists will be there.
more info : http://www.koxx.fr/index.php?lg=en_EN&sec=trial&pg=news&id=HDDB43a9f0bd8956b

Some bike trialists from England will go, if you want to contact them:

Hi Lucas,
just a little precision:
Although the bike competition is really high leveled and bikers are under huge pressure (money prices:( ), we unicyclist just take it easy (which doesn’t mean that the uni level is poor): very friendly mood out there, happyness is formely required;)

Thanks guys
is there a trials course thats purpose built for unicycles n bikes rather than just rocks and is there a street section