Koxx-Days video


One of my friends here in vancouver sent me a link to the koxx days video from the french forums.

anyways, i had no idea joe had hit 121cm, yikes

sorry if this is a re-post

thanks, nice vedoe
The flatland stuff looks nice…

and he hit 121.5 before: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=KmmHrpgU1sE

jeez, breaking your own world records. thats impressive

Joe hit 125cm at Koxx days too, but not at the high jump comp i don’t think.

EDIT: I remember, it’s in a clip he sent me a bit back. during quiet period.

slightly off-topic… come ride London with us this sunday! :slight_smile:

Rolling SIF hop :astonished: :thinking:

Nothing new, but still sweet. I loved watching Zack B. do rolling sif 180s up tables.

Except that gabby rolling SIF up 108cm.

I wish there was more trials in that vid. Are there other vids of this event coming?

2:24 was so great! do you guys remember when flat was boring to watch? times have changed! (well… when it is done properly)

Yeah, Enzo’s flat-style is the best, in my opinion (not necessarily skill, but style)

I thought that was Enzo. He’d bust something like that.

someone cleared that huge pallet stack. not just up on it, but made it over when it was in the “low” setting, either 74 or 82 cm. wow.

That was Joe Hodges.