!!! Koxx Days 2008 !!!

Here is the poster of the 2008 edition of KOXX DAYS
Wish to see you there!

Sounds good, I try to make it. The CFM was great even it isnt my kind of a trial parcour (I have to learn to shut my brian down ;)).

They should have Koxx days in the UK, I would go.


koxx days, not only uni!

For unicycles, we will have big natural trial in a cool forest full of rocks,
and a Flat battle competition on a tennis course

but also many other extreme activities to show!
Dirt BMX (with Patrick Guimez, 3rd at World Championship)
Flatland BMX (with Alex Jumelin, world champion)
Trial Bicycle (with many champions in different categories)
… …

all happened in a small village lost in the forest
a cool camp full of riders during a week !

need to see it!

Kick scooters? What are you, clowns or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not sure you’ve ever seen street scooter in action!
have a look on this vid of one of the Scooter team member and than tell me what you think about street scooter !


Koxx days web page will run soon…

reckon that was sarcasm from Forrest, think i am coming i have to look at the dates.

sorry Amanda, i have been offered a lift by a trials rider, and i don’t think theres space because 2 trials riders, and me and its a 3 seat van. Is brendan not up for it. would be good to get a few from over here over there, Jase why are you saying they should have Koxx Days in england make the effort son, its a french event!

yeh im well tempted, yeh it is his van, I need to look at dates and whether its feasable and stuff, hope to see you there x

Wait, did Lucas just tell me off? Hold up…

Wow, I wasn’t dreaming he really did?

Unfortunately we don’t all live a small stretch of water away from France! It’s effort enough for me to go down south. As for being a French event, don’t know why they can’t transfer a french concept to another country, after all Joe is english, surely it would be worth it.

Anyway, I’m sure one of us could organise an event similar to a Koxx day, so I guess I should just put the EFFORT into that.