koxx cranks $40, koxx devil frames $10

koxx light 140mm 40bucks
devil black frames 20inch of course. 10bucks

I got 5 sets of cranks and 5 frames.

just sold 3 devil frames on facebook, got two left!

sent you a message on Facebook… :slight_smile: :astonished:

lol, 4 sets of cranks left!
one set went to a guy that lives in mexico…

What cranks are they (street, trials etc), what is their length and how much do they weigh (for shipping)?? They sound like a bargain :smiley:

koxx light 140mm 40bucks
these are trials cranks. they are super light and super strong. many people use these cranks for everything (muni, flat, trials, street)

shipping is ten bucks for one item and 15bucks for two items.

you can look up the specs on the cranks on the website, but dont waste too much time as someone might buy them before you make up your mind.

nice prices :slight_smile:
yeah the cranks are really good!!
I love them for trial and street!! I also like to use them for flatland… but if you only do flatland you might wanna buy flatland cranks… ( and for flatland on this cranks: you don’t get ankle bites :slight_smile: )

everything is sold

I do not have a single item left to sell!

awesome :slight_smile: