koxx black domina. possible sell by parts?

I have a brand new black domina for sale or part out. let me know if your interested. pm me. I am willing to recieve payment after you recieve the unicycle or parts for any well established user on this site. I know unicyclists are honest people! :slight_smile:
oh its still in the box, never even been put together. if you want me to put it together and take pics thats ok with me but here is a link to what a black domina looks like. i can take pics early next week.
http://www.koxx-one.hu/shop/images/unicycle_black_domina_II.jpg its just like this except I used the pedals for my bmx bike! so sorry, no pedals :stuck_out_tongue:

What cranks come on the uni?? And what is their length??

Oh, and the price?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why would you buy a uni like that and never put it together?

I am also curious why you would buy something just to sell it.

I may be interested in the frame, how much are you asking?

The whole uni sells on makais.com for $225/free shipping and it comes with Try All 24 butterfly pedals that are pretty cool looking and apparently expensive. After the deal is gone it should be pretty easy to sell the frame for $100, wheelset/tire for another $100, K1 street cranks for $40, saddle + seatpost for $30, make $45 profit and keep the pedals :slight_smile:

I could not resist this deal and bought a Green Spirit. I am actually thinking about selling the pedals because I prefer plastic for riding indoors (plus I have not learnt any tricks that would require metal pedals yet)

I can sell the frame for 100 dollars… the cranks are 135 streets :smiley:

I can sell the unicycle for 190 dollars. it is upgraded with a luxury seat, double butted spokes, a sticker packet, a pearl black seat post clamp, oh and I have some hot green and hot pink koxx pedals I can throw in too. the black ones are on my bmx bike! so sorry about that.