Koxx actual 20in tires, front tire

Where could I find one in the usa? I’ve done searches on the fora and so on across the web, no luck. I’d like to get one to shave and put on my street uni using a bmx rim.

As someone currently riding a true 20" street uni, I’d like to ask why you would want to do that. The joy of using a bmx rim is that you have a big selection of street slicks. Why use a 20" trials tire? Its not going to have as much volume as a true 19" trials tire and the overall diameter will be about the same.

I figure it’d make a good street tire. It would be larger an bouncier than a street slick, but not as big and heavy as a true trials. I’m also not the smoothest rider, well not smooth at all really, so using a street stick with no forgiveness would be rather rough. I guess that tire you run would also be a great choice, but didn’t you say something about the side walls being soft. I figured that the koxx would have stiff sidewalls like the rear wheel is know for. I do have a bmx tire I’ll be using though, almost a slick, the khe folding street. I’ll see how I like the high psi feel with that, if not I’ll put the 3in tire, very much like the 3g, but it’s so heavy. This all lead me to asking where I could find a 20" koxx.

I’m repping the Schwalbe Big Apple 20"x2.35" on my Nimbus DJ rim. Its got as much volume as a true trials tire, is slick and weighs half as much as a creepy crawler.

The sounds nice. Can you get it in the states? I’m also using the ody 7k-a, so it’s not going to be as wide was the dj, so that might have a bad effect on the performance.

Why would you do that? The Koxx front tire is only 20x2.0" and by the time you have shaved the nubs off it will probably only be 20x1.85" as the tire size is measured to the outside of the nubs.
You could buy a better tire for $55 (35 euro) if you can find anyone who sells it in USA.
As I understand it, in bike trials the front tire is designed to be lightweight and doesn’t need to be large volume as trials rider rarely land heavily on just the front wheel.


I wasn’t aware of that, I figure even though it said it was 2.0 it would be a little bigger.