koxx 26 inch muni on ebay-$200.00


that is the link to the uni, the starting bid is only $200.00, anyone who is interested should go there.

Anyone want to pay the shipping to get this to Australia? i will let you touch it.

why do you (also) call it “torker” if it’s a Koxx?

i’d imagine its so when people searh for a torker uni it will alse come up with his one.

And he said Kris Holm too :thinking:

Yeah I put all those other words on there, so if people are looking for a torker or a kris holm they will see my uni as well. Justa little way to get more viewers.

not much time left, and its only at $204, get it while its cheap

only $204.00 and only about 4 hours left!!! go to the link above for more info

WOOT! i won and it feels awesome.


man u got an awesome deal

and to think i was going to buy a dx last week…