Koxx 135mm Street Cranks - ISIS hub - other....

So i’m selling:

Koxx one 135mm street cranks £30
Nimbus ISIS hub (36hole) £20
Blue Nimbus roundcrown frame £10

These aren’t uni parts but i’m also selling;
A PSP slim and light (with 8GB memory card) £70
A custom BMX (i need to find the spec, no chain) £100

If you’re interested, i’ll get you picture and more info :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot,

Dibs on the 135mm cranks. :slight_smile:

What’s the condition? Do you have any pictures?


Condition structularly is great… But they’re pretty scratched at the moment.

You could buy my other pair that are better condition, but obviously that’d be more money…

I can get a pic, but they’re at my friends house at the moment :slight_smile:

Hmm… I’d like to see a picuture before I decide. No rush, though!

I’ve had those cranks on my muni and will vouch for their condition.
Structurally perfect, absolutely nothing wrong with them. They are however absolutely covered in scratches, definitely not in a good condition, but not massively bad either :slight_smile:

If your looking for a great pair of street cranks for cheap, these are for you. Although they may not be the best looking they are in fact perfect build wise.
I was going to buy them at one point but deceided to stick with my 140s, Simon will not rip you off. :slight_smile:

These are the better condition ones, but you can buy them if you want…


I think with any painted cranks they end up looking bad pretty quickly, there’s not a lot you can do

interested in the nimbus hub. what condition is it in? does it come with spacers et al?

Would you be able to ship to New Zealand? Are the cranks ISIS?
Fairly interested.

Spacers aren’t on it but i may be able to find a couple… My garage is like narnia…

Yup cranks are ISIS.

i don’t really wanna ship to NZ, but if i can’t get a UK buyer then i might consider it… Beware of postage though