Koxx 1 trials 20"

Lightly used, just to learn on. just liked the one pictured except grey seat and silver seat clamp. No drops, no trials, marks on the plastic where the seat hits the ground. USA shipping only and paypal

There isn’t one pictured… :stuck_out_tongue:

Asking price?

Looking at the only other message of this user in the forum, I would say a copy-paste spambot :smiley:

Most spam doesn’t come from a US IP address, and I couldn’t find the same text elsewhere.

Also most spam bots don’t have cool usernames like weirdo. I think he’s a real person probably.

I am sorry. I apologize for the mis-classification. It is just a new member with shy posts.

Hey sorry guys. I am not spam haha. Im trying to figure out how to post a picture. I tried copying a direct link from photobucket, but it’s not working.

Press the insert image button just above the text.

It helps to have your location in your profile as well

Any update on this?

Is this uni still for sale? I know its been a while, but i’m interested. How much would it cost, and will it brake if i do trials stuff on it?