Koxx 1 Track Monster

Koxx-One Track Monster 24 with magura’s and a brand new 24x3 Intense tire.
140 K1 and 150 KH cranks. $400.00


I would like to buy the brakes! :o

How old is it and has it been used much? Forgive me because I’m new but how does it compare to a KH24?

It has been ridden on trails about a dozen times. I have a Hunter 26 that I use most of the time and it seemed a waste to have the Koxx sitting in my garage. It is certainly equivalent to the KH and while I am selling it with both K1 140 and KH 150 Moment cranks imo the Koxx cranks look better.

Thanks, any idea how the seat compares to the KH? Did you get the regular one or the gel one? And is it easy to change cranks? Are the pedals metal with pins?

Thanks for chiming in, problem is 400 is my budget and I want brakes too. Didnt realize the seatpost was non adjustable how much more does it weigh and less comfy is it?
Also the KH doesn’t always come with double hole cranks, found a brand new one at a bike shop online but within an hour drive but just has 150 cranks. UDC is out of stock od the double 150/125s too.
There is a Torker DX with mounts for bakes and extra seat locally for 200 but read they are really heavy and non standard cranks but I’m a beginner. Also was thinking about the used KH29 and still am but it has 110 cranks and road tire so looks like would be another 150 for muni but would cool to do street too. And its the same price without brakes. I dont need brakes right away but would only spend 300 without. I know Im stingy I guess but I only paid 350 for a complete 95 GT Zaskar with Deore XT so was shellshocked at the price of munis but its supply and demand I guess.

First off… kh or koxx seat post doesn’t matter. you can go to any store and buy a rail seat post. Personally i hate them on any unicycle. I have never had a problem with tire clearance on any unicycle… ever. And since this one is built for muni i am sure the tire clearance is fine. I dont think the weight on a muni matters that much. compared to trials or street where lighter is better. Really you just want strong, and koxx is plenty strong.

sevenspeed. You will never find a unicycle with a brake and 2 types of really strong cranks for this price. If $400 is your budget, then i would buy this. If you think that is a bit steep, then negotiate. But really for $400, this is a pretty good deal

As a mater of fact it has a KH seat and seat post and there are no tire clearence issues as I have run both Duro and Intense 24x3. As to the dcanks I am including the original K1’s as well as KH 150s (albeit single hole) so sorry but I think this muni compares quite well to a KH.


could you post an actual picture of the uni?