Koxx-1 Street cranks review



They are wide, and not too short and not too long, perfect for rails I never stuck the rail between tire and crank (awesome for handrails less pain !). Good for on crank tricks and they flip and spin very good. Very light, way lighter then my profiles and by a big difference. Strenght wise so far they are awesome and so is the try-all rim, I took them off 8 stairs and still very straight. I prefer them over my profiles by alot I have been riding them hardcore for 1 week now so the info in this thread is pretty much right. Trials wise they are prety good as well, the only thing is that there is either no or very little q-factor witch I like alot for street even tho sometimes when riding fast you might hit your ankles.

Anyways I say : everyone should try them they are worth the 150$ !

That dosn’t matter if you grind on the pedal.

Anyway they sound awesome.