Koxx-1 spoke lenght

Yea, does anyone know the spoke lenght I need ? for a k-1 isis hub onto a try-all rim… thanks.

You need 170mm spokes :slight_smile:


now that’s settled, can someone help me out?

what length spokes do i need for a koxx isis hub to a VIZ 19" rim


are the try-all rims not 19"?

I think just about all trials rims are 19"…

jcb thanks for the WRONG info… I e-mail division 8, they use 164 mm

That doesn’t mean anything about the spoke lenght though. It varys slightly from rim to rim…

E mail Koxx One directly, and you’ll see that they use 170mm spokes. I think that they are the best placed to answer you.


I have built a few and generally use 171 which seams to work ok. I would guess anything between 170 and 172 would work.


you sure ? bacuse division 8 says that on the stock k-1’s it’s 164…

Mayhaps division 8 uses a smaller number of crosses?


You can always do the calc yourself?


Isn’t a 36 hole only ever going to be a 3 cross. i am not sure that you could lace it any different.

Call me stupid, but I had a 20" rim that I had a hub with the same size flanges on it as the K-1 hub and I never bothered to measure the spokes at all, just took the rim off the old hub and laced it to the K-1 hubsky. Worked like a charm!. I think I will go measure those spokes for you and see.

Sorry, stupid reply. I have a double walled 20" try-alls are 19".

Apparently you could call me stupid!!!

your stupid


any help with the koxx isis hub and VIZ 19" rim?

its nearly the same

171 - 172 will work


should i get black or silver spokes?

i think black

its your choice :smiley:

i use silver spokes at my wheelset… cause my VIZ-rim is silver and my hub too


i love my trials :slight_smile:


ive got a kh frame and blue pedals, what colour rim?

rodger, the k1 hub isnt on the table… or maye im rlly blind

its all your choice :wink:
i would take blue