Koxx 1 Seat Busted!!!!!!

ok well today i was practicing roll hops over this box in my backyard and i hopped up trying to jump over it and the front bolts busted off of the seat taking the screw thing with it. so my 60 dollar white widow seat is busted but lucky for me my dad got a bonus yesterday and said he would order me a new one with my dan heaton frame and try-all seat post. (these are late christmas presents)

koxx is not strong at all

your just going to break the tryall seatpost. They are just like the KH seatposts, and I’ve broken 2 of them. (I’m 80 pounds…)

unless he’s talking about the pit fighter.

are you sur it’s a pit fighter ?
i wanted to buy one

bah get a crmo seatpost for it. a pit fighter would do but so much more expensive, cause u’ll jsut snap the aluminium ones.

and if u broke ur seat, dont change it, just get a carbon fiber plate for it, then it wont break. Cuase ur just gonna break another koxx seat. And koxx seats are just as strong as KH ones since its the same backplate!

yah i just broke the bolts off the seat and the cover didnt get damaged.

I haven’t been able to figure out how you break seat posts.

I think note “I THINK” that most of the time when you break a seatpost you’re breaking the place where it connects to the seat.

sometimes you fall from a drop on the front side of the seat.
this will make a high pressure on the seat post base

i already broke one and now iam using the kh rail type addapter. but it is really heavy

Unless you’re Cody Williams… then you have a “Stiff Stick” welded on, which weakens the post where it has been welded.

that’s what happens when you jump 7 sets and land badly like me:)

yet another reason to get a carbon fiber frame. U can get a scott wallis… drool…

The unreinforced are the same as KH, the ones that come with the devils are reinforced, they are a lot harder to break, mine lasted me a good time, I landed a few times straight on the frnt of the doing 540unispins off stuff…It took a BAD crankflip down a big 6 set to break mine…

I have a steel seat post and no problems :slight_smile: