Koxx 1 or Kriss Holm 08

which is better out of the two? which is more expensive? which is of a better make? opinions and reviews greatly lean me towards my next unicycle

Thanks all

KH Pride… :slight_smile:

k1 with street rim and KH cranks/hub

thanks. i still need price reviews and compares. im still not sure so keep up the comments people!

Check out the for sale section. Awesome koxx unicycle for 300$ and brand new, that is a steal! I posted in there so look for my name.

Kh and koxx are about the same depending which model you get and so forth.

I like Koxx but that’s just me…

wait wat lol jk. Yes well i was thinking of using my unicycle for trials if that helps at all

The one in the trading post will work for that, just needs some longer cranks. I’m certain the xtp (koxx trials cycle) is more than the kh, I think the devil (koxx trials cycle) is about the same.

Use the search function honestly or google.

naw. koxx

I like koxx but thats just me also:D

+1 :slight_smile:

A KH08 for sure! Perfect for trials and convertable to a awesome Flat and street uni also.

Koxx w/ KH frame is the way to go man;)

That’s what I ride.

Im stuck here. I finaly have some money togather, but not that much. I have about 400 bucks, which that allows me to get a new 2007 KH20 or Custom Koxx-One Devil.

I really want the KH but theres only one left where im ordering it from so it might sell out.

Then im left with 2 options, buy a K1 or wait who knows how long and save up a hundred more bucks and get a 2008 KH20.

So im just asking for some input on what you would do!

I’d save up for the 08. The 07 KH and Koxx-One unicycles are fine to though. Also if I were to buy a new one I would get the KH 08 for the price.

Yea but im so tired of riding the crappy sun uni! haha. It would take me atleast a month to save for the 08 and i cant take riding the sun learner uni

What excactly is the big difference between the KH07 and the KH08?

08 has a stronger seatpost, frame, and rim.

I still have my sun unicycle, and I ride it every once in a while.

Also I like KH unicycles better.

If I were to decide again I would go for KH, I bought a Koxx becuase at the time I could afford that and not the KH. I wish I had waited a little longer and got the KH. My unicycle at the moment is mainly a Koxx devil gold, but with a KH frame and seat cover, I don’t have the money to change the cranks and hub yet, or the seat its self.

Personally I think Koxx are good, strong unis and look pretty cool, but the KH20 is better.