Koxx-1 or KH-Onza hub and cranks??

I see a whole bunch of stuff about KH-Onza vs. Profile on this board and I am sure that Profile, with a lifetime warranty, is the best deal if you have the money ($400CAN) but my question is about Koxx-1 vs. KH-Onza.
In Canada we can get a Koxx-1 ISIS hub and cranks for about $170.00CAN and a KH-Onza for $250.00CAN.
I don’t want to be thrown off this board for being anti KH or Profile but is the extra $90.00 - $150.00 really worth it, or is the Koxx-1 ISIS hub going to hold up the same. Thanks.

The Koxx will hold up just fine. People are hooked on the Kh’s and Profile but the Koxx will hold up to about the same abuse. It is also VERY nice because it has no nub unlike the KH’s (the nub rips your ankle up).

Hope to be of help, Im sure someone will say different.


if i had a choice, i’d definatly get the koxx-one isis hub, i think theyre pretty much the same in strength as the Kh ones, and they look so much nicer

also depends how you like to ride, koxx-ones better for street, riding skinnies too. i like the kh/profiles for some street tricks tho (feet sit on cranks nicely and some moves are way easier)

i suggest you try to ride on both for a while and see what fits your style

I do have a KH hub and cranks but its the super old school Gen 1 Hub. Its holding up amazingly! 2-3 foot drops and a few of more than 5 feet and they cranks are still straight as the day i got em.

IMO you dont need all this new fandangled stuff to have a great trials uni(or muni).

If you do trials mainly, and love doing foot-on-crank kinda tricks like Dan Heaton does… then Kris Holm onza for sure. The q-factor on KH Onza cranks give so much better balance than the Koxx cranks. So long as your not as harsh as Yoggi or Joe Hodges, the Kh Onza crankset is excellent all round.

Koxx cranks more suited to Kevin McMullin type street probably, as they have zero q-factor which isn’t so balanced compared to Profile and KH Onza