koxx 1 or kh for muni

which should i get, im an inexperienced muni rider but would like to get involved.

It’s about 7 of one, half-dozen of the other.

The KH (new 2007) has a nicer frame, a better saddle, and you can adjust the angle of the saddle for comfort.

It also depends on where you live. The Koxx 1 stuff is not as convenient to get in the US and Canada as the KH stuff.

well renegade juggling now carries koxx 1. they r about the same price, and the koxx 1 does have a brake

personally i’d get the koxx one.

everybody else will say get the KH uni.

get the kh

Koxx unis look really cool.

ya but r there any real reasons i should choose 1 over the other. the koxx looks cooler and has a handbrake, what is good about the kh?

The KH is super strong, and lighter.
You can put brakes on it just like the Koxx.

I’d get the KH.

Kh were diesigned for muni so i’d go with that

The Koxx 1 doesn’t come standard with a brake. They show a brake in the picture, but it’s an extra cost item. Same with the KH. You can add a brake to the KH, but it’s an extra cost item.

You don’t need a brake yet if you’re just getting started with muni. A brake is just an item to get in your way, require maintenance, and eventually break. You’ll know later if a brake will be useful for the type of riding you end up doing. Till then go brakeless and save your money.

MIx and match and Get the Best of Both Worlds.
I ride a Koxx 1 wheelset with a KH frame and a Nimbus gel.
I am in Love and am not changing…:smiley: :sunglasses:

Basically both are very good unicycles.

The Kris Holm is lighter than the Koxx unicycle, it has a REAL ISIS hub which is compatible for the KH 2007 cranks and the Qu-Ax new ISIS cranks* (20 euros!) so if you want different cranklenghts, you can get them quite cheap.

*Some info on the Qu-Ax ISIS cranks:
They’re good sturdy cranks, but you don’t want to take them for huge drops like 2 meters.

Basically the KH uni would be the better choice, I’m not sure if the 2007 frames fit a gazz, you’d have to ask someone, but I’m buying a Fireball and Kenda 2.5" tire for my MUni myself, the Gazz and Wildlife tire are too heavy if you ask me.

Best seat ever for any sort of distance travel, and fine-tuneable post angle

will be compatable with kh/schlumph geared hub when available (I think)

150mm cranks. Has isis drive hub, so you have a wide variety of cranks availble to you.

comes with a brake, takes pressure off your legs if you are doing long smooth descents.

21g lighter (claimed)

140mm cranks (way short!). 160mm “koxx1 spline”<(not isis) cranks are available though.

get the knoxx its got brakes and the frames stronger

ok actually on renegade.com the brake is included in the cost

however, th koxx has 140mm cranks(freakin’ short cranks on a muni), and the new KH has a comfier seat, 150mm cranks or 165mm, and a better frame.

The quality of the KH is much better than the koxx. Look at the Koxx bearing housing, it looks like crap. The KH bearing holders fit perfectly and look great. The koxx also has a steel frame, most parts on the KH are Aluminum and lighter. Get the KH! I dont think I’ve ever suggested another uni when comparing KH to another brand. KH always wins!

so it seems like 1/3 say Koxx and 2/3 say KH, is that about right?

The brake is included in the picture, but no way is it included in the cost unless they’re selling it at a loss. Here is the Koxx-One muni at Municycle.com. Notice that they list two prices, one with the brake and one without the brake.
Without the brake: 399 Euro (approx $506 USD)
With the brake: 499 Euro (approx $633 USD)

Then add in the cost of getting some cranks that are longer than the stock 140mm cranks, or finding out if the shop can switch the cranks to the Koxx 160’s instead of the 140’s.

the koxx also comes as a 26"

does the KH?