koxx-1 gold devil

what do you think about this?

i’m planning to buy one of this it seem quite expensive but good quality

What’s wrong with the original devil? That one with more golden look is more expensive than the original black-red combination. If I remember right the difference is about 30 euros. So it’s even more in USD. If you have the money and want just this golden one, go for it, but I would recommend the original… I don’t see any reason why paying so much just to have different paintings… :slight_smile:

*Edit: it seems to have gel seat, so that’s the reason why it’s more expensive.

i completely agree,
but the difference is for the gel saddle i think.

nopethe difference is just for the paint job…how dumb is that

If that’s true than, wow, I like the origanal Koxx color scheme more than the gold one, I think…

But yeah, bullx, that’s a right good trials unicycle…

Wait, the ‘Gold’ does have a gel saddle, and the regular Devil does not. http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=716


ok sorry my bad… dont listen to me…but still the origional devil is great…you dont really need a gell seat for trials anyways do you…i would think that it would just add more weight.

i. LOVE. that. color.

man… sooooo pretty… sparkley… shiney… yummmm…

if u r paying for the color difference, then u r virtually paying for a gold coloured rim and a gold coloured seat post clamp, and i think the saddle has a gold koxx logo on it. But thats pretty dodge… in my eyes

as sayd before the difference of price is due to the different saddle, gel instead of normal one as you can see on koxx-one website.

thank you.

there is better pedals too
And the post seat is very confortab;)