KoooooooooSH KooooooooooSH

ive been gaining on this trick for about 2 weeks now.today i got 3 backwards kicks on the wheel.

this is a hard trick.the weird thing is…it doesnt sound like Koosh Koosh at all.its been named because of the way it sounds…?

maybe im acually doing the Ziphh Ziphh…

maybe next week when i get my Primo 2.1 tyre i will be doing the Koosh Koosh but untill then its the Ziphh Ziphh on the Hookworm.


looks like noboby gives a rats Ziphh Ziphh…or a flying Koosh Koosh…

hey jagur i care:) i’ve been workin on in for a while and ive managed about 4 or 5 pushes and your right it doesn’t sound like koosh koosh at all. its more like tsshh tsshh if ive described it right but ive got a kenda tyre so each to his won i guess.

by the way i saw you on that uni nut tester and you’ve got exactly the same as me, its iain by the way, 46.1 i think.
what a co-incidence hey.


“Koosh koosh” is a lot closer to the sound of that trick than “wheel walk backward one foot behind frame with other foot used as a brake.” If you know what I mean.

I’m pretty sure the name comes out of the TCUC group, though it may have come from Germany or a German rider. Anybody know more about this?

i’ll have to take that again soon…

That explains it…Koosh Koosh is German for Ziphh Ziphh. It’s just a translation issue.

Not that I see the trick in my near-term future, but if I do it will be an Iphhzay Iphhzay in my native tongue… :sunglasses:

how dare you try and break bread with me!,now you are toast…

i see your point,just like the German word Coker directly translates into TwoNiner…