Kookas Machined Down

I read a post where someone described that they had machined down their kooka cranks and removed the part that can catch your pant legs.

I am trying to find it again but haven’t been able to.

Can any of you forum experts help?

I just did a forum search on the word “Kooka”. The post about the machined Kooka cranks was the 7th thread in the list. The search results are sorted by date. It was a recent thread. It was very easy to find.

I fixed my Kooka cranks

Thanks John. I thought I had done the same, but now believe I probably messed up my searches with the letter “s”, as in “kookas” and “kooka AND nubs”, causing me to miss the thread altogether.

Kooka nubs caught my pants the first dismount. No big deal, but it could’ve been. I’m now looking to cut mine down too.

Thanks again.