Kookas for Cokers or other unis

I recently aquired 5 sets of 170mm Kooka cranks. I’m making one set for my Coker with pedal holes at 170mm, 145mm, 120mm. I’m having the 2 additional pedal holes drilled and tapped by a professional bike mechanic.
I’ll sell them drilled to those specs or to custom specs for $150 including shipping. Or will sell them undrilled with just the original 170mm holes for $110 also including shipping. These are brand new cranks. The spiders will be removed as they come off with the removal of 2 screws. No modifications are needed for these to work on a unicycle. I have 2 blue sets, and 2 silver sets for sale.
Here’s a link to the trading post http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48361

I want a blue set drilled the same way you are doing yours. I can do PayPal or check.

I’ll take a set in silver if you can do 130/150/170 like the Davinci cranks.

Me too, silver w/ those measurements. Is that doable?

Whats up with all the Washington people gettin first dibs. eh

I sent you a PM earlier I would take blue but would prefer silver. I would also prefer 130 instead of 120. Thanks, Dan

wow all 4 gone in a matter of a few hours. so rec sport really is more productive than the tp

Seattle Area RiderS (SARS) are just ahead of the curve, but without UPD’ing. :roll_eyes:

this thread has been up all day, and now it is tommorrow…Washington nothing, i saw this thread sink to the bottom of the page earlier so hind sight is 20/20 losers.

Harper, Tellurider, John Childs, Tom Blackwood - I got you covered.

Harper - 120, 145, 170 Blue
Tellurider - 130, 150, 170 Silver or Blue
John Childs - 130, 150, 170 Silver
Tom Blackwood - 130, 150, 170 Silver

I think i can get an additional 3 sets if anyone else is interested. I’ll confirm as soon as i know.

I just secured 3 more sets of Kookas. I will sell at least 2 more sets.

I’ll take a set any color @ 170mm, 145mm, 120mm

I received modified blue Kookas today from Phil. They are a shade darker than the anodized frame of BlueShift. I will put on anodized Primo pedals that are a shade darker than the Kookas for a blue, hue transition that can’t be beat.

Thanks, Phil!

Picture time! I gotta see it. :slight_smile:

Here is a photo of the cranks modified by Phil’s LBS. The left crank has a center hole that is drilled noticeably of perpindicular with a pedal installed. Everything else looks OK. He gave me a deal on these cranks.


Here is a photo of BlueShift with the blue anodized frame made by Steve Howard, the blue anodized Kooka cranks that I got from Phil, and the blue anodized Primo tenderizers that have been waiting for the moment. The factory pedal hole is at 170mm or 6.5 inches. The other two holes were put in afterwards and are at 145mm (5.5") and 120mm (4.5") respectively. The unicycle as shown is shifted up into 43" effective wheel mode. I have been trying to get blue Kookas for this unicycle for a couple of years and I wanted to try the big wheel mode with a higher torque crank (>6" or 150mm).

That thing is truely beautiful! =p