Kooka's anyone?

I’m looking for a set of Kooka cranks. If you have some, and would be willing to part with them, I’ll give you $75 plus shipping, as long as they’re in good useable condition. Scratches are fine, but no stripped threads or other serious damage please!

You may want to post what size and color your looking for…

I have black 127’s (Custom Machined) if you want them

Send me a PM, I’ve got a couple of sets.

  • Frank


Thanks for the responses. I was looking for 170mm cranks in any color. I’m currently in a correspondence with Frank A. regarding some he has. If that falls through, I’ll re-post.


Sorry to bump this thread up for all of you who don’t care about my cranks. :roll_eyes:

Frank, I got your PM and would like both sets of cranks! Just need your address, then the dough will be on its’ way:D

Oh, and thanks!