Kooka Square Taper 180

Cleaning out some parts and thought these might spark someone’s interest. These came off a Scott Bridgeman Muniac hub. These are a mod. Square Taper design, and only work with his hub. IM not sure if these would be sloppy squareT interface with a Non-Muniac hub. A “Refresher” on the hub specs, and a couple pics are attached. The infamous Kooka went out of business long ago, but these were known to be one of the best for multiple pedal placements. I think Aspen Mike maybe? (not recommending drilling, but plenty of length to work with. No thread issues, for L and R sides. PM me if interested. Thanks, Jeff

Yes they are for sale for the right customer, A gauge what they’re worth, will be based on very reasonable market conditions :slight_smile:

dlf86tech.pdf (112 KB)

Kooka’s are sold

The Kooka’s are sold !