kooka cranks - pluses and minuses

The good news is that after forking out $109 US for kookas my cranks are no longer the weak point of my unicycle. (And they look fantastic)

The bad news is that means that the weak point on my uni is now the axle - as I discovered last ride :frowning: Tony and I were doing a descent of body bag, one of the most hard core local mountain bike tracks which features steep descents and a sequence of 14 stunts (11 have so far proved navigatable by uni). I was enjoying myself so much I launched a little two exuberantly off a jump and there was a very nasty sound on landing as my suzue axle sheared through.

For those who haven’t had this happen before, the axle is just about the most annoying / costly part on a unicycle to replace. It means a complete rebuild of the wheel, removal of cranks and bearings, usually new spokes and a time consuming job.

Guess I’ll have to start saving for a profile, unless the new KH axle proves bombproof. Here’s hoping that will be available separately and soon!

Bummer about the hub. A Kooka / Suzue met the same fate at UNICON during the trials competition.

We need some pictures or video of this Body Bag. It should be the start of Spring down there and the start of the riding season. No excuses. :slight_smile:

It’s the beginning of the wet season for me. Splish splash wet and muddy.

It would be nice to have a better standard hub that would match those sweet Kookas.

I put Kookas on my Coker today and went off-road again… I feel much more comfortable with the longer cranks. I was able to ride hills that I couldn’t with the 150mms, and the leverage for mounts was very helpful. I’m not sure, though, that riding through two foot deep salt water tidal streams is going to be of much benefit to that steel rim, though!