Konichiwheel: a Unicon 12 documentary

Wow, this is exciting. So, I when I went to Japan in 2004 for Unicon 12 I made a feature documentary of the whole ordeal. The movie turned out pretty cool, although very lengthy. I published it to dvd and even made a sweet label. I gave out about a dozen copies, even a few were sent to Europe.

Unfortunately, I’ve had major problems trying to get it online for the past two years. Finally, it’s up, in all the glory of a tiny quicktime screen! I think the intro/credits are my favorite part of this movie. It’s actually very informal if you want to see what events happen at these huge unicycling conventions. I must have did the narrating really fast, because it’s hard understand what I’m saying a lot of the time…

You can find Konichiwheel (59 min) on my video page.
I split it into two parts, each just under 100 mbs…

Also, I added a couple animations to my Animation Vault. They were some projects from some general art classes I took the beginning of this year, 2007. One of them is a very short movie about the event shirt from Unicon 12 coming to life in a cool little animation… check it out.



Awesome Jess! I was hoping to get a copy from it when I saw it a year ago, so now I guess I’ll have one.

Great meeting you by the way!

WOW that was a very long movie and a very awesome one too!
Never seen it though, but omg makes me want to go to unicon now and go to Japan…
I wish though that there was some video of trials and street riding in there though…

Downloading right now :smiley:

It doesnt play :astonished:
Do you have to play it in a certain program or burn it on a dvd or something? :frowning:

Nevermind, i just had to download quicktime player :smiley:

ps. sorry for all the posts :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, i just finished watching it and its awesome!!!
I loved every bit of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ps. sorry for all the posts again

wow its 5:30 in the morning and I can’t stop watching it. I hate you and I love the vid!

that was a great movie.

Probably because Jess was in the Trials competition. In fact, on that day he was also interviewed for a TV show, making him late getting up the mountain for the downhill race. He had to be given a ride up on a golf cart while everyone else had to walk!

As for Street, there was no Street competition yet and though I’m sure there were some riders out there tearing up Tokyo at night, not a lot of outdoor places to ride “legally.”

Jacquie and I loved the movie; we were there for the premiere, on the big screen, at Jess’ high school.

Jess, that was an awesome video, I’m glad you took the time and put all the hard work into filming and editing it! It was great.

I enjoyed it a lot. I saw it before at Steffis and Katias place but much better to have it on your own computer.

I’m sorry to bump this ooooooooooooooooolllllllld thread…

This movie is soooooooooo goood!!! Everything was awesome! I couldn’t stop watching. It makes me want to go to unicon this year but I know its not possible. Maybe the next one. At least I get to go to Naucc this year woot!!