kona shin/knee guards?

hey i thinking of buying these kona shin/knee guards for 20$… or should i just get some 661’s or sumthing?

Whats on the outside, Looks like plastic, but kinda doesnt, nor do they have anything in the back that i can see, except those straps. Besides all that, They look good, and are cheap, so why not =p

yea thats the only little down side theres no back:( but other than that i think that i will get them

this is what I use and I love them !! there are small and confortable… and not to hot so yea I think they are good

those look alright in the front but no rear protection…i personnaly would get the 661s but thats just me…maybe you can get these then upgrade to 661s later on.

go for the 661 4x4’s they will save you from getting the back of your legs all scared up and ugly like mine. (i have 4x4’s now tho)

those will also move around a lot more than 661’s.

well i’m going to get them:) but i porbably will upgrade to 661’s later

good choice… I dont know about you guys but I dont really care about the rear protection because I dont get hurt a lot there and when I do… well its just little scratch