Kona peddles

I just bought a set of Kona peddles from my local bike shope and let me tell you they are great compared to the platforms that came with my LX. I am not sure what the model is or anything but they ran me $40 or so.

Post a pic or so

I think the lx pedals are great for freestyle stuff. Post pics of the KONA’s. They sound awesome.

I belive he is refering to the jackshits. They are very common among most LBS and are amazing…I loved mine before i got my Jim Cs


those look really nice.

I have those, I think they are great, great grip on them, the pins are bigger then most pins I see in pedals today, which I like. They are light, and I have had mine for a long long time, maybe a year, and there bearly scratched, even with all the pedal grabs, I broke one pin off and on is bent, but the pedal and bearings are still in perfect shape, great pedals for 15 dollars, well, thats how much I had to pay for them

I love my Jack Schitts, awesome pedals :smiley:

Those would be the peddles. They grip perfect to my feet, the only thing is they also grip too well to my shins.

I loves me my jackshits - they grip way better than jim c’s.

i used to ride those on my mountain bike (before i switched to egg beaters) and i liked them alot, they are pretty light and if you have bigger feet they are nice.

i have it to and im sure my frame will brake in two before they will break its the best pedal i ever tried for a uni

this is off topic but i dont like my dx… a piece broke off of one of them today:(