kona jackshit

I just got a pair of sealed jackshits, and so far they’re great. They have alot of grip, and the only bad thing is that they dont spin that well. That will probly be fixed after I ride them a bit.

I think they’re good the way they don’t spin so much. It stops free-spin which is annoying when you don’t have your feet on the pedals. My only complaint is that they’re a little thick so it’s harder for me to do pedal grab. (I like to have my foot curve over the pedal and touch the object a little bit to know when I’m on it)

that certainly is an interesting name for a pedal


Theyre here on kona http://www.konaworld.com/shopping_cart/FrontEnd/Products/not_bikes_category.aspx?categoryid=207#pedals (primo ones)
They cost 60$ at my LBS

Ha! I thought it was a typo until I followed the link!

I love ine…Big platforms and interchangable pin configurations…And quite strong too.

I have had a set of those on my muni for 2.5 years now, and they’re awesome :slight_smile: Mine don’t freespin that well either, but they’ve never let me down on the trail :smiley:

i know seager loves his. i’d be running some if my bike shop carried kona, the snafu’s are a similar pedal is some regards and they work well with my feet.

Yup, I have jackshits on my muni and trials, and they are awesome. I’ve never ride anything else, especially in the mud. WAY better than my old Jim C’s.