Kona Dark Side

This Sunday (15th) I’m going up to Mabie Forest http://www.7stanes.gov.uk/forestry/achs-5rnfl6 with a load of mountain bikers to ride the Kona Dark Side. I have no balance skills to join them on my bike but I’ll give it a good go on my Uni so if anyone wants to come along then let me know.

There’s some info on the Dark Side here: http://www.7stanes.gov.uk/forestry/INFD-5XTKCV
and if you go onto YouTube and type in “Kona Dark Side” you’ll find loads of videos of it too.

Please note also if it is crappy/bad weather I probably won’t be riding skinny logs with one wheel it just gets far too slippery and painful. So hopefully it will stay dry at the least.