knoxx or onza?

title says it all im in the market for a trials uni and i dont know which one to get

knoxx eh?

i’m also looking around and i am saving up for the koxx as i believe it’s stronger than the onza, and it look so much better.

anybody else ridden either of theis?

Koxx or Onza?

I would totally go Onza, you don’t really want a Koxx White Widow, they’re trashy.

Onza all the way.

Glad to help.

are you joking, andrewfif?!

a koxx white widow would be much more badass to have than an onza of any sort.

there’s someone selling a koxx on the forums, he’s asking $525CA ($475ish USD) for it. the koxx unicycles are about the lightest/strongest unicycles on the market - just look at what yoggi does on them!

wtf? koxx unis are soo strong…

Proof of that???

I dont think he is joking.

Both unicycles are extremely good, you wont be dissapointed with either. My personal experiance tells me that the Onza (similar to the KH in many respects) is better for trials and the Koxx better for street. Of course this isnt a huge difference, both will do either job brilliantly.

Personally I would go for the Koxx, I have bashed my ankle way too much on the KH cranks. I still think the best set-up is KH frame, Koxx hub and cranks and a KH rim. Bear that in mind.

Dont listen to people blindly shouting either with no evidence.


Me to, that’s what I have now.
I don’t like the Try All rim with the holes, it looks weak :stuck_out_tongue:
Only problem are the spokes, I’m still waiting for the spokes so I can’t tell you how it is.


that sounds awesome. If I ever break my wheelset I’m probably going to get a koxx one.

OK, I’m glad no one caught this, but if you really think I’m joking, here’s something to think about.

The white widow is for sale by division8ca. look at the thread, I’m buying it!!!

It seemed like primus was trying to steal it, so I was trying to dissuade him.

Koxx One is awesome.

don’t do that, it gives people false advice and isn’t very nice.

nice try

ass hole

you can have it ill save 75 bucks and buy one from renegade jugling

Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you mad.

Onza unicycles are still really good.

I’ve got a friend who’s got one and I’ve ridden it a few times.

I just really wanted that unicycle.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you mad.

its cool i didnt end up getting it any way
you can order one from if you realy want a knoxx thats what im doing

Nor did I.
He sold it to hagbag.

I got a Kh/onza hub and a blue koxx rim. It’s pretty sweet. I like the Onzas but have never tried the koxx so i dont know if they are better or not.

Personal Preference
Get the one you think looks good. They are all reallystrong with very small differences.