Knox-One Devil

I am looking a Knox-One Devil. Do you guys know anything about it?

it is so pimp!! i ride a slightly modified one, and it is great. Only a little hevier than a KH and much cheaper. Also they look pimp!!!

its a good uni…its like an orange bud but lighter and with different cranks and rim…

if you think about it, an orange bud is about the same weight, the rim is 100g heavier but the seat post and street cranks are lighter than the stock devil parts…

yeah basicly…
the only thing i dont like about my orange bud is the cranks because even if they are nice cranks i still hit my ankle on them on occasion…and now i got to go to naucc with a bloody ankle…

This is the second thread you’ve made that mistake, its “Koxx” not “Knox”.

I thought it was already over last I heard it was from july 27-the 1st.

well i do know about the search button.

yeah they are good.

27th - the 1st, and its over?

You know its only the 26th, right? lol

Koxx owns.

On the Koxx one website what is the letter they use for money worth its like a C, with two slashes through the middle? anyone know? Is it double, same price or wht???

It’s the Symbol they use for Cash.

Well, the price is in euros, so the price of the devil USD is 477.1370 :slight_smile:

k, so how much is a euro to a dollar?

Edit: 1 Euro = 1.3698

no actually a k1 devil costs 395 from renegade juggling

Is that the US conversion??

Cause i went here and 1 Euro to Oz is 1.60481

euro to a dollar yea.

my friend has the devil original and it has slpined hub everythings good take it off 4 footers easy only thing thats wrong is the seat tears easy
:smiley: a must buy

4 feet isnt much for any splined hub. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some people pernounce it “Knox” though well thats what ive heard Darren Bedford say.

the search function does not work correctly for koxx 1 unicycles if you type in knox. :astonished: