know of any shops in vancouver bc that have a good selection of unicycles?

THanks the title pretty much says what i need to say. IM new to the uni world so i would like to try some out…im more inerested in trials and muni though.

Cambie Cycles carries unicycles.

Hopefully one of Vancouver Riders can help…Erin?

Thoes unicycles seem pritty expencive, i know they are in CDN$ but they stil seem alot.

There are a number of shops around town that will stock one or two unis (usually cheap-o Norcos), like caps, cambie, etc. There are also a few that will order stuff from for you (Dizzy, etc.). But by far your best bet is to send an e-mail to Darren at Bedford unicycles ( If you want to check some stuff out and give some different uni’s a try come out to one of our weekend rides sometime.


  • James