Know how to winterize Gear? Going skiin in -30

Hey, tomorrow i’ll be doing some freestyle skiing on a hill in wisconsin, the temperature is going to be about -13F, plus windchill making it to like -50F at the most. Anyone know how to stay warm in that kind of weather? i know its no exposed skin, i taped up a vent hole in my helmet to keep some heat, other equipment is as follows:
legs - long johns --> jeans --> 661 bomber shorts --> snowpants

Upperbody - synthetic shirt (to wick away moisture) --> long sleave cotton shirt - -> sweatshirt --> an expensive coat that is made for mountain skiing,

head - balaclava --> neck warmer --> competition bandana (dec 1st bald eagle comp at powder ridge) --> fleece hat --> helmet, and earbuds or headphones under that

So, Is there anything i could add to that for more warmth? my core is set, and my legs dont get cold, im gonna have 2 hand warmers in each mitten, plus leather glove protectors, and then wool socks with hand warmers on my feet, and good ski boots


If I were you, I would throw on an extra long sleeved T shirt or two. Might end up being too warm, but with wind and all that it could change just a little and make it seem a lot colder. Other then that sounds like your all set.

I’m ‘probably’ going downhill skiing Monday, were the forecast is -11 f. Trip might be postponed though…

A phrase that is often repeated amongst mountaineers:

“Cotton kills”

Once cotton gets wet, it loses its ability to keep you warm. People have died from hypothermia because they were left out in the cold wearing cotton over-layers.

It’s good that you’ve got synthetic base layers, but you should top those layers with more synthetics, fleece or wool.

You can be soaking wet in a wool sweater, and it will still keep you warm.

Just my two cents…

try not to get sweatty, bring some extra clothes if you have access to a locker there so you can switch out, and not have to wear everything you bring.

i would say you might want to keep that helmet vent hole open, with all the body’s heat going up, your head stays pretty warm pretty easily, you don’t want to get sweatty in the cold weather

mitts are warmer than gloves as your fingers aren’t seperated from each other