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Re: Knitting

On Sat, 29 Mar 2003 19:00:08 -0600, bagpiperboy
<> wrote:

>ok, so when I convert to compuserve gif, it saves each image to a gif
>file… what’s up with that!! I want them all to be a gif…
>together… collectively!!

Oops. I have Irfanview installed myself as well but haven’t used it
much. I think I made you glad with a dead robin (Dutch expression). I
looked in more detail at it and it seems that while Irfanview can
deconstruct an animated gif into the separate frames, it doesn’t work
the other way around. I have no solution but there might well be a
freeware program to do it.

Oh and Klaas Bil is my real name, my first name being Klaas and family
name Bil.

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Mr. Bil it is then, and thanks once more