Kneepad/Wristguard un-stink-ifying method

For me, washing the kneepads and wristguards never got close to all the stink out.

I read an article about trying hydrogen peroxide in the laundry, but that didn’t work, though I possibly used too little. I didn’t want too much, or to spritz it on, as I was afraid of hydrogen peroxide’s bleaching and possible deteriorating effects on the fabric (and my skin).

Then I tried putting rubbing alcohol about 50/50 with water in a spray bottle. Now I take off the pads and lightly spritz the sweaty side, then hang them up to dry. The pads smell a LOT less heinous; (they still smell a little if you actually sniff them, just not from across the room). The alcohol seems to kill the bacteria and then it just evaporates.

Someone that does a lot with theater told me they spray unwashable costumes with vodka. Kills the bacteria/smell.

I have soaked nasty gym cloths in 20% white vinegar/water for a day, and then rinsed it and hung it out to dry. It does help kill the odor.

Thanks for those tips!

What I do is usually just use two tabs of detergent and dial in “sport intensief”. It works pretty well too. But I have to wash them after every other ride then.

So maybe I’ll try the alcohol method to gain a couple of extra rides between washings.