knee pads

Does anyone know where I can get some lightweight, cool knee pads for hot summer usage?

do you want just knee,or hole lag pads?
how much arre you willing to spend??

Knee pads

All I need are just the Knee pads but will consider the whole leg.

I use the Telekneesis knee pads from Black Diamond. I don’t remember who it was that recommended them to me. I like them pretty well. Not too hot.

Are those straps comfortable around your legs?


have some that look just like that, the straps and everything look the same, and there comfortable, i think at lest.

No strap is wonderful but they don’t bother me.

Hi Mbalmer,

I purchased a set of those pads and I love them! They are cool and light weight. The pads are well engineered.

Thank you for the tip!

Why do you wear knee pads as opposed to no pads or full shin guards?

What type of riding are you doing where knee pads alone are beneficial?


Those knee pads are great for general uni riding like long distance rides. I especially like them for hill riding and light muni. I have never needed full leg protection probably because I don’t do heavy muni with lots of hops and drops.