Knee injury(not to do w/ seat height)

Well a few months back I injured my knee (the left one) and I have been resisting the urge to post it here but here goes

I really don’t know what to do my leg just won’t heal ,it just wont I even stopped uniing for a month to no avail so I’m posting here to ask what do I do to get this thing to heal

There is a sharp stabbing pain every so often under the patella (sp¿) usually when leg is extended
There is dull pain which seems to get better w/ time but can devolve a few weeks when my leg is hurt
Please I need to know the best course of action; I’m begging you all please help me
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
(Yeah proper grammer)

amputate it. the knee injury will only spread to the rest of your body if you don’t.

I’d recommend doing it yourself. Medical professionals in america these days are unreliable. Just use lots of alcohol (orally and topically) and use a clean knife. don’t use a chainsaw; the oil can cause some problems.

Err on the side of caution, try cutting at least six inches above the most anterior portion of the pain to make sure you get all of it.

Best of luck to you, brother. don’t forget to post pics.

Think back to the time you hit your knee, was it a pretty hard hit to it?

I am thinking you ended up chipping the bone or the cartilage of your knee, which is actually quite common to get from a hard hit to the knee.

What you need to be doing is to buy an ankle brace, one with a hole it it. Keep the brace on as much as you can and limit all activities that cause the knee to have any pain. Make sure, with the brace, to have it moving your knee over to the inside of your legs by just about a cm. Buy some Ibuprofen and take 600mg of it every 5 or so hours.

Check yourself for a doctors appointment, you can even just walk into the emergency room if you want to to get it x-rayed.

Ill just ask a few questions though. When it hurts, does it hurt from repeated movements? Like, by walking up or down the stairs or riding a uni? Also, does the pain hurt as you try to straighten your leg out or to move it back down? It will probably not hurt when it is all the way out, but hurt right before it reaches that point.

If you answered yes to most of that, get an x-ray, you may need a small surgery to clean out the chip of bone or cartilage in your knee.

I didnt hit my knee

Ill reconstuct the scene for you

i was doing trials line over a bench going thata > way > |_ and I jumped ove the top of the bench and my tyre clipped the top of the bench ,I thopught I was gunna upd so when i landed I quickly stepped off and when I stepped down that’s what did the injury,not a hit a controlled UPD(does that make sense¿) so there It is Pain ful for 2 months and a trials/hoki comp in a month :angry:

Stairs yes, uni no


Theres these wierd guys in white coats…We call em doctors. They may have some idea of what to do.

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Boo, looks like you and I got ignored.

Lets take our sarchastic wit to another thread.

trials_uni solved the problem. end thread.

Tendons and ligaments and other structures in the knee can get stretched or damaged from a fall like that. It can lead to long term chronic knee pain. You should get it checked by a doctor (maybe a sports medicine doctor) to find out what is causing the pain, especially since it has been bothering you for a few months without getting better. You don’t want this to be a problem that stays with you for years because you didn’t bother to go to a doctor now.

Except he has to pay money to see these guys. So I can see why he would want to post here first. I love Canada.

There’s also bloody annoying people that no-one really likes… We call em smart-arses. They have no understanding of the concept of ‘showing grace toward others’, and would do well to lighten up a little…

yeah I im going to a doctor toworrow Ill let you know how it pans out

I really dont want my leg to atrophy(sp?)

Osgood-schlatter disorder

awww screw another 2 years of pain :angry:
:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

hey cool i’ve got that too !!!


i had it when i was about your age, and it really hurt and was bad as.

it’s gone away since then but my knees look dodgey!

yay somebody else yas it!!

mine didnt hurt for 2 years i dont think, i doubt it could be that long

I’ve got a similar problem with both of my knees, primarily my right knee though. I’m hoping it will grow away when I stop growing…