Knee ache/adjusting position?

I have been learning to ride for about 4 weeks and can manage to ride about 100m most times. I seem to know when i 'am going to jump off because my knees ache and i give up. My son says I’am not sitting on the seat with my full weight.
My other problem is If I set off and am not sitting comfortable I can not adjust my position or move my feet once i have set off .
Any tips please?

when learning most people do have most of their weight on the pedals, but as you progress you should get used to having more weight on the seat. also, are you probably having trouble adjusting yourself to a more comfortable position because all you weight is on your pedals and that is keeping you from moving your feet. your knee aches may also be rooted in the same problem. try riding with weight on the seat more, and you may find that you’re able to ride further with less knee pain.

Raise the seat up so that your leg is almost fully extended when your at the bottom of your stroke. Always keep all your weight ON THE SEAT thats the most important part… And as for adjusting your butt and feet try getting your pedals horizontal then stannd up and adjust. Lets us kno how that goes


raise your seat up, put more weight on it. oh yeah, practice

I had sore knees when I started learning to unicycle. I thought it might have been from the UPD’ing all the time. It may have been that I had too much weight on the pedals. I found that this receeded with experience and practice.

As for moving your feet on the padals, I have only just learned to move my foot position on pinned pedals after 18 months of unicycling. I would also say that it’s only since getting the 36" that I am truely putting all my weight on the saddle (and that brings it’s onw pains!).


Keep your weight on the seat - yes. Also, as a beginner I noticed something that helped me move my feet on the pedals more than anything else: wiggling my toes. It sounds weird, but if I did that I found that I could creep my feet around on the pedals as I was riding. I also found myself wiggling my fingers at the same time… but that just added to the whole spastic-beginner-unicycle-rider image that I was trying to perfect. You also might try riding in shoes that have a smoother sole.