Knarly muni crash

I was muniing today and got caught up in some barbed wire, see pic 1,2 and 3. I also think I pulled my uuh forarm muscle, hows she look?

PS i had to get eight stitches

Pic 1






My forarm (I think I pulled it trying to get unstuck from the barbed wire


that be ur bicep buddy…
that looks damn knarly

i went MUniing today and was riding a bench and fell stradling the back of the bench, barely missing my nuts, but i don’t have pix lol


BTW, your picture points to your bicep. Your Forearm is the part between your elbow and your wrist.

Watch out for that barbed wire!

That doesnt look like barb wire…I think oyu just got a pedal bite.

This is a conversation that just happened between Leeman and I:

Leeman180 (7:59:41 PM): yeah but hey did u see that guys leg in the rus forums?
MM Catboy (8:00:57 PM): yeah… WEAK
Leeman180 (8:01:07 PM): respond to it
MM Catboy (8:01:11 PM): why?
Leeman180 (8:01:43 PM): its my friend caseys thread
MM Catboy (8:01:48 PM): lol
MM Catboy (8:01:59 PM): so, what does that have to do with me?
Leeman180 (8:03:15 PM):actually that whole thing is bullshit, he never got caught in barbed wire, but was just bearclawed by his pedals. and his arm doesnt hurt at all,
MM Catboy (8:03:40 PM): really?
MM Catboy (8:03:50 PM): this I will post
MM Catboy (8:03:53 PM): thanks
Leeman180 (8:03:59 PM): comon, dont
MM Catboy (8:04:10 PM): I love you man, But too late
Leeman180 (8:04:17 PM): its funny, we want to see what people say

lol u got me:pCatboy is a tadle tail

Well, Duh. what do you think this tail is for???

Damn Catboy, you have to ruin everything.

you said it

nice goin’, Catboy, you’re no fun. ):

that was mean.

I got it first.

I apologize, profusely. but you must admit, what you did was also quite mean… except what Crazy Legs did was also kinda mean, but in a different way. we’re all mean!! yaaay!

your moms meen!

Looks like mine from a while ago. If that was barbed wire, it would have left puncture wounds more than just a few dinky scratches!

Pic 2

six six ones anyone? don’t do crazy stuff without em!:smiley: