KMM update- big wheel keeps on turn'n


Kids adapt really quickly! Yesterday King MUni-Man was afraid of his new Muni and today he totally conquered any fear of his “trusty steed” (20" Yuni w/Monty). I came home from work today to find him freemouting it in our family room and wearing an ear-to-ear grin on his face. We had to cut about 2 inches off the frames’s saddle tube for him to even reach the pedals but 24 hours later he just jumps up, rides, hops and was really enjoying himself motoring along much faster than he could on his old 16" MUni.

I took him out on the icy street again today and he just jumped up and started handling his KMM-2 like it was his old uni. I counted and he missed only 1 out of 11 freemounts. Also, he got a couple of small hops in (about 2 inches). I’m sure he’ll be bouncing all over the place by summer. He was zipping along and turining sharply by piviting on the ice. It was a hoot to watch!!

Ahh man, now I want to ride even MORE! :frowning: The really big bummer is that my knee has been feeling really great for about a week (okay, I guess that’s not REALLY a bummer). It’s almost like I didn’t have surgery. But I’ll be smart and wait (grumble, grumble).


Jason, post like these make me want to go buy an 20" for my 8 year old. Her 16" Jugglebug is becoming a little small.

I think I’ll let her try her sister’s 20" Torker tonight. --chirokid–

Re: KMM update- big wheel keeps on turn’n

Hm, dont you fear that hell need that ultra-expensive high-end equipment too soon? Not with 14, 15 or 16 like everybody else (ahem), but with 7 or 8? Just kidding of course.

Your son really rides very well.

Good to hear that your knee is well. I wish you a lot of patience until you are allowed to ride again… .


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Go for it. My lad is 7 and a little below average in height. You may have to chop a frame, but that’s no big deal. It cost me $10.00 to have the saddle tube chopped and slotted.

Hi Juergen,

It seems like all kids have their sports heros and KMM’s hero is Kris Holm, so I’m sure when he gets old enough to surf the web on his own he’ll start pricing high end KH equipment for himself. :roll_eyes: -and I’m not kidding!! Yikes!


Haha your going to have to put Bedford and sites into net nanny to block for content so he doesnt get any ideas.


Re: KMM update- big wheel keeps on turn’n

just keep telling yourself that
u know it’s the (b)right thing to do

hang in there