hey along time ago i acted out in a very irresponsible way and i am very sorry for doing that . But all of that was not said by me ( you probably won’t believe) ( i dont blame u) it was said by my friend who is a two wheel rider and he thought it would be a funny joke so if u believe thats koo but if you don’t then thats o.k with me to:D

Put these types of posts “Just Conversation” and don’t blame your faults on others just because you cant admit you screwed up!


Nicely done. Thank you. I’m sure others feel the same.

I was reading the exchange over in the Just Conversation side between you and Nick but had to stop, I’d had enough. I’ll say one thing, I’m glad it’s over there. From what I’ve seen here in this forum, Justin, I’m impressed. You have an dynamic and intense curiosity to learn this sport and have come up with a couple great ideas, i.e., rear seat grab. Keep it up! It’s inspiring to me. Although others have admitted to doing the move before, to you it was an original thought and is to be commended.

Your posts have made sense to me, albeit sometimes not without a pause and think, but I think, as with all things, practice and patience will allow you to become familiar with other’s expectations in this forum as far as subject lines, content, questions, etc. It can only get better.

I am personally very keen on spelling and grammar but others are not. I take great pride in how my words are written, conveyed and understood and others could care less and just want to get a quick point across. On the other hand, I am a lousy organizer but others are first rate. I am the worst at _________ (fill in the blank) but others take it to the top o’ the heap.

I just had an email exchange with a friend about the type and quality of content of the posts on this newsgroup. Some of my thoughts are that different is beautiful. If everything was the same in our world, it would be downright boring! So, God bless variety. My only concern, and please feel free to take it or ignore it, is that some just “don’t care”. A “don’t care” attitude in life can make for a horrible livelihood someday in everything from business transactions to picking up the dirty socks from the living room. To make it honestly known, I struggle with having character in my life and it takes real effort sometimes to climb back out of the Uncaring Pit. But the effort is worth it and makes life a lot brighter. So, I would encourage you, and all of us for that matter, to take the extra step and put the worthwhile effort behind our endeavors, be it throwing posts into the newsgroup or picking up the dirty socks from the living room floor.


Looking forward to your next riding pics, Justin!