Kite RUunicycling

I just joined, but I’ve been Runicycling for a few years now, and i thought the other day whether Kite Runicycling would work. I sort of think no, but I’m gonna try it cos i have an old noname 24 inch RUni and i’ve bent the bits of metal that the crank arms attach to (i don’t know what they are called) on both sides. I am planning to attach some pegs straight onto the forks near the bottom, (or i might make an extension, I’m not sure) and cut off the ends of the Hub (where the cranks attach) so they don’t spin wildley and kill me somehow… I’m not sure how this would go on the end of one of those big kites that they use for kite surfing but i want to find out. If anyone has any ideas or anything I’d like to hear them. If you just want to call me crazy, thats fine too, i probably am…
Anyway, thats about it for now.


(BTW. Its a Runicycle to me and i dont really know why… Maybe the extra R is for good luck, not mine of course but someones…)

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u had me wondering all thru your post


as for the kiting part of your post, check these out for some earlier threads about the idea of uni-kiting
i still dont know if anyone’s actually tried it

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