Kinport handle no longer ( I think ) carries these handles. I am not satisfied with my stock torker lx handle, it comes too close to the saddle. So can somebody direct me where to get one? Maybe someone on this forum has one they would like to sell me. So please, used, new, I don’t care, I just want to get my hands on a Kinport handle.

You mean These?

why not a ?reeder handle

The one I’m talking about is the one that has a hole in the top also. It’s the same one Ryan Atkins has. It’s like the most popular trials handle

i think what you’re talking about is called the wilder handle or something along those lines

I want to say the picture is outdated, and the newer ones do have the holes. It’s common for UDC to have pictures of products that dont reflect the exact product you’re getting. I would call them and ask.

they used to have it at the bottom of the “seat handles and bumpers” page a while ago, now they don’t. It even had a picture. It used to be right under the viscount bumpers.

You want the one with the hole? Last I saw Ryan’s trials uni it had the older, holeless version.

If you do want the one with the hole all the way through order the one from UDC. I have gotten 2 of them, and they have the hole the whole way through.

I’ll trade someone for a Kingport handle without the hole that wants one that has the hole.

I personally dont like the hole and am often afraid of breaking fingers in it durring muni UPD’s.

here is one

Thats the one

Darren Bedford also carries the Kinport handles and rails. has the Kinport handles with the open top. In fact, I’d be surprised if they had any of the older ones with the boxed in top. Give them a call if you’re unsure and you can ask them exactly which flavor of Kinport handles they have.

Riders like Ryan seem to go through kinports fast enough that you never really can tell what kind they are currently using. You can always buy directly from Steve, too, I think. I’ve never tried, but I’m sure he’d be open to it.

ok dude, this time you are going to far. i have shared many emails with Steve and can asure you that he does not want the whole unicycle planet emailing him with orders… for crying out loud dude, do you even think before you write? how can you say "You can always buy directly from Steve" then say “i think?” and then to top it off you come at us with thee old “I’ve never tried, but I’m sure he’d be open to it.” disclamer?

quit speaking for people and then giving a disclaimer at the end…if you dont know, dont assume you know…

Good point. I was wrong.

My understaning is that UDC is currently only out of stock. There has been no mention that the Kinport was not being made any longer.


Only the rear bumper is out of stock, they still have the handle.

Bedford Unicycles has all versions of the handles in stock. Solid top front, open top front, rear

Tommy Thompson just ordered his today along
with a Rocks cover and air bag, etc.

info at bedfordunicycles dot ca


Hey Beven! Ryan has only broken one Steave howard handle.

Can I still order from Darren even if I live in the US?