Kingston, Ontario Unicyclists CLUB!?!?

Hello everyone from Kingston and the surounding area. I was walking downtown yesterday and saw two different people riding Uni’s that I did not recognize. I also met the Phillips family at OUI and have since lost thier email address.

I was having a thought the other day that winter is coming and we should find somewhere to ride during the winter. This would be infinately easier to arrange if I knew how many people in Kingston actually rode uni’s.

I was thinking that we should form a club or association and organize and weekly ride somewhere where we can all just get together and have fun. We have a great time in Ottawa when we go and it really makes riding more fun.

Pease send me an email at or PM me here and we can try to get something going, Thanks

I wish i was closer to Kingston…But hamilton is 4 or 5 hours away:(

im in usa but kingston is one of my favorite places in canada which has nothing to do with this thread:p

what you want to do get some business cards to put in bike stores, and call the local newspaper about your new club (even if there is only a few people in it currently) and the phone calls and emails will start coming about coming out to your club.

you can also tell them that Kingston is featured in a popular extreme unicycing DVD :slight_smile:

That is how i started unicycleing…

Checking out the juggling club would be a good start -

Most juggling clubs I’ve been a part of have a few unicyclists as well, and if their space is big enough you may be able to just meet there.

I’ll send you Greg Phillips’ e-mail.


Thanks everyone, especially Jason. You are always a source of great information. Thanks again.

Now I just need a cool name and some buisiness cards and away I go.

We could just copy about a million other names and go with “Southern Ontario Unisykos”…Or you could be origional, its up to you.

I was thinking something more along the lines of, First Capital One Wheelers of FCOW. I am not sure though because maybe Kingston Unicyclists is just fine too.