Kingston, Ontario Riders!?!

I have seen several unicyclists while I was driving or otherwise unable to run over and say hi, so I am just wondering how many Kingston, Ontario riders are on this Forum. I will be going to the Bio-Sciences Atrium this Thursday to ride with the jugglers (haven’t been in ages because the weather was good). If you are from the area, maybe come and join us for an indoor ride.

Please get in touch with me as well, as I am trying to organize a Natural Trials event for the Queen’s Campus this spring and I need help for sure.

I would come to Kingstin to ride…I just gotta find a way up there…If you get this Trials event up and runnign maybe i can trick my family into going.

Thanks, that would be great. The terrain at Queen’s is pretty sick actually.


I was just using the unicyclist maps things and thought that the one in kingston was ME…but it WASN’T!!


Hey, I have a buddy that I ride with. We normally go to Queens to ride. We’d love to find some more people to ride with.


I’m planning on unicycling through Kingston on my Niagara Falls to Montreal ride this August. If anyone is willing to lend their couch for the night, I would be happy. Wouldn’t mind hanging out and riding for a bit, either.

Hey James, if you are gonna pass through Ottawa, I will ride the last bit from Ottawa to Montreal with you. I was planning on doing it anyways, so I may as well do it with you if you are coming through.

Eric E might be down as well.

Awesome. Eric said you might be down for it. Definitely planning on going through Ottawa.

Cool, try and give me at least a weeks notice and I can get the time off work.

Yeah, for sure.

If there is anyone who wouldn’t mind giving me their couch to sleep on for a night along the way, it would be very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Here is my approximate route:

I live in Kingston!!

We should make a club!!

Call me when you’re in Toronto!

what size wheel are you going on? i might be able to join you at hamilton.

Will do.

I’m using my 36er. Probably going at a somewhat leisurely speed, depending on the weather and how much time I give myself.

And consider doing the thing if you can’t find enough uni people to stay with.

Just found this.

seems like there is another one of us around kingston. :slight_smile:

looks like he is on a KH